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You’re never too old for self care

Updated: Jul 27

This 96 years young Memere who is still as sharp as a tack. Born in New Brunswick, Canada she barely spoke a word of English while I was young. Now she holds a conversation in English with a few French Canadian words mixed in along with a thick Canadian accent. Highly religious and says the rosary multiple times a day. She exudes endless pride that doesn't go unnoticed. I saw her last month when my husband, Divot and I took a trip up to Fort Kent (where I am from originally) to visit my family. I love spending time up there as there is so much nostalgia that embodies my heart, it's difficult to describe.

Coming back to her pride.....

Her hair? Perfectly coiffed each week. And she will let it be known when she is overdue.

Her nails? Done about every month and always painted.

Her brows? Well that is where I came in. She was complaining she couldn't see them even with her magnification mirror. So out came the tweezers and Wendy works her craft. I could barely see her blond hairs too!! In the end she was happy which is all that mattered at her age.

Her clothes? Can only be laundered by certain family members or certain staff at her assisted living facility. Everyone else...HANDS OFF.

Many of you already know lots about Memere and always ask how she is doing.

I like to describe her as a hot ticket.

She always has been ❤️

Much love and gratitude to all.


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