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Women need to stick together

My first attempt with a "blog". I always wondered what this term meant. One of my dear clients who knows how to make me laugh (many of you do to be honest!) is the reason I wanted to start this blog - however, she doesn't know that yet! This is just me being totally candid which sometimes is the only way I know how to be.

Many of you come in to see me every 4-6 weeks and each time we see each other, we are caught up on what's going on in our lives both personally and professionally. The last 3 years have allowed us to get to know each other on a more intimate comfort level. When you are going through good times, I share the laughs with you and when you are going through tough times, I share in your sadness. Talking about things is good for us. Of course you have my word that many of the things we talk about never leave the 4 walls of my studio!

But one of the many topics that comes up almost daily.....

Woman not wanting to age or simply want to slow down the aging process.

At 48 years old, I totally get this - I may not have completely grasped this notion at 25 or even 30 years old. I feel like wearing face masks during the height of covid advanced this for many of us. All we saw when outside our home were eyes, brows, foreheads and necks of others! Take the masks off and HOLY HECK, where did those nasolabial folds (aka laugh lines) and aging neck (aka turkey neck) come from?! The thing is, these "new" aging features were happening all along and our self care was put on the back burner so we all feel it happened more quickly than it should! Rest assured, you are NOT ALONE. The feeling of getting old and looking haggered is REAL.

But here's the thing, we don't hear nearly enough compliments from others - if you think it and mean it in a positive light, express it. I'm trying to do more of that myself. I feel very strongly that women need to support each other in all ways. And guess what? It feels good to compliment another human being!! If someone grants you a compliment, TAKE IT. (Husbands don't count....haha...all kidding aside, if your husband compliments you, we should all be grateful, I know I give mine grief most times when he compliments me.)

So back to aging, gracefully or not - it's up to us, right? There are so many things we can do to try and reverse some damage or effects of aging. I've tried a few myself, some with success and some with terrible side effects (think Marge Simpson lips.....yep). Let's do each other a huge favor and love on each other and compliment one another for another year AROUND the sun because there are many of us rooting for you.

Oh and please wear a hat and spf 30 or higher if you are IN the sun.... ;)

Much love and gratitude to you all.

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